Wellness Programs

Medical Consultation

For many people, it can be hard to find specific answers in the
abundance of cannabis information out there. Getting educated on
cannabis is like learning a new language, and it’s always easiest to learn
with the help of someone already fluent (ideally a medical
professional). Take the guesswork out by speaking to a cannabis trained
nurse. Speak to a live person for FREE!

  • Get answers from a trusted medical professional
  • Get educated on cannabis (both marijuana and hemp)
  • Find medical resources (cannabis clinicians and support groups)

Giving Compassion Program

In our intention to help those in need, A Therapeutic Alternative has established the Giving Compassion Program. The program serves members experiencing both physical and financial hardships. We provide qualifying members with free donations of medical cannabis products. We invite our product providers to extend compassion and care directly to those patients who are most in need.

The Compassion Program is intended for patients that are fighting a debilitating illness and have been approved for disability income. Members will be required to provide proof of income and diagnosis with their applications. This program will serve those members with the most physical and financial need.

Applications are available at the front desk. Be aware there may be a waiting list to qualify for the program.

For questions on our Compassion Program, please e-mail ATACompassionProgram@gmail.com

Private Consultations

Private Consultations are conducted over the phone. We are doing our best to ensure the health and safety of both our members and our staff. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

A Therapeutic Alternative offers Private Consultations with our Dispensary Manager. Consultations are available by appointment only:

  • If you feel you need additional time during a consultation, please talk with the Receptionist at the front desk and they will set up the private consultation
  • Our Dispensary Manager will be meeting with you to explain more about using cannabis as a medicine and how it can help relieve your symptoms
  • Consultations include extensive information on properties and use of products, administration techniques, cannabinoid ratios, dosages, and symptom amelioration
For questions about the private consultations, please email: